Hayley offers ceremonies, workshops, classes, and sacred circles for physical purification, pineal gland activation and Soul integration. Circles invoke and ground cosmic energies through love, devotion and channeling. Facilitating journeys via a unique blend of Yoga, Shamanism, Qi Gong, Conscious Movement/Dance, Tantric Arts, and Sound, Hayley supports your communing with the Forces of Nature through the temple of your own body in a deep and proufound manner. These techniques release stagnant energy, blocked emotions, and aid to transcend karmic patterns on an unconscious level. Offering such unwanted energies which no longer serves us nurtures the Earth and opens up a boundlessness within. In this space, you are free to witness, access and embody your Divinie Nature. Deepening your connection to this powerful force manifests as inspiration, motivation, and assuredness in every breath.

“Empty yourself and let the Universe fill you.”

“As Hayley TUNES IN on what she is going to be ceremonial about – like Moon Circles or individual persons – she TAPS into the energy imprints of the true healing desire of people in group ceremonies, or an individual. Once she is TAPPED in she then TURNS ON her gift and proceeds to facilitate bringing about the healing you desired in the ceremony. I feel this so intensely like electrical vibrations running through every part of my body. I highly recommend that if you are in the process of healing yourself then experience the gift that Hayley has in helping you to attain your true desire.”

~Tup William Montgomery, Shamanic Trigger Point Therapist, Wayshower, Costa Rica

“Before the start of the ceremony I felt reserved and protective of myself. As we went through the ceremony I let go of my restraints and opened my heart to the fellow women in the circle. Through communication and dance I was able to feel a sense of release. After the ceremony I ended up crying and speaking out about what was bothering me. This was a truly lovely and special ceremony that showed me that I am not alone and that building a bond between sisters is so important to me. I am thankful that I was given the opportunity to play, explore, and drink this sacred cacao!”

~Anna Maria Pugel, Sacred Sister Ceremony. Pennsylvania, USA

Body movement is not my first nature but Hayley created a safe environment in which I could allow myself to find and move to my inter-rhythm. Hayley has a soft and nurturing voice. One that allowed me to slip into a deep meditative state. It was an amazing experience and one that I would call a healing session. Hayley has a very nice energy about her. She not only knows how to gently facilitate a workshop, but also how to create and hold the space for transformation to occur. I left with clarity and feeling better than before I arrived. Hayley is a true agent of change. I would highly recommend that you experience one of Hayley’s workshops.

~Patrick Fitzsimmons, Movement, Mantra & Meditation Workshop. California, USA