Holy/Hayley (depending how you know her as) connected with an authentic yoga practice in 2008 at Boston’s YogaOne studio on the Westside of town. She graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor’s in English Literature – but continued her education after returning to her hometown of San Diego, undertaking a variety of music and recording arts classes in 2010. After practicing yoga 2-3/week for 2 years, she had a realization that to attain the state of consciousness she desires, she needed to enter into a teacher training program. She had no intention to teach during this time – merely the interest in deepending her own understanding and practice of yoga and meditation.

After 6 months, she completed her 200 hr YTT in Hatha Yoga & Eclectic styles at Yogawell in San Diego. Within the year, she started studying and practicing qigong and introductory sound healing under a special woman from Vietnam. She learned 3 styles of qigong for healing, and is certified in Level 1 Workshop for Emei Qigong, and Level 1 & 2 for Spring Forrest Qigong.

After 1 year of qigong studies, she connected with a woman who guided her in techniques of opening to her inner-wisdom and intuitive abilities on a deeper level. Over the next year, Holy learned about a soul’s blueprint/purpose, developed higher states of awareness and practiced supportive tools for self-discovery, from dream-writing/visioning to crystal grids, decoding the thought process. Lien, the qigong master, focused on opening energy channels and releasing stored emotions in the body with toning and group healing; studying with Stacey dove into healing on more subtle levels, and offered an awakening to her true life’s purpose and inspired gifts.

Holy felt very called to continue her movememnt studies, and found a home in the 5 Rhythms community – participating in weekly offerings and workshop opportunities in Southern California. Estatic Dance wasn’t estabalished in San Diego as it was in LA, but conscious dance samplings existed in many formats. She also mixed music at that time and experiemented with DJing for a few events. Her yoga practice mixed hathat, vinyassa, and Kundalini. She continued to teach Hatha Yoga with Meditation.

Despite enduring a 10-day Vipasana Meditation retreat, and attending many ‘spiritual’ and meditation-related events – from kirtan and Self-Realization Fellowship circles to Oneness Blessings – an essential element seemed to be lacking the cultivation of a life force she so often desired. In the months that followed, Holy connected with a local Shamanic teacher, who is also a Buddhist and a quintessential Jnana Yogi (yoga of the intellect). From vision quests, weekend workshops, and weekly classes, Holy fully immersed herself in studying his method of spiritual integration into daily life – one which he coined Practical Awareness. Awake and pragmatic, Bob fully brought her practice and awareness to a whole new level, and ingrained a number of important methods and principles into her being that completely shifted her way of perceiving reality. He was her first guru. Bob is also the one who encouraged her engagement with Isha Yoga and the legendary Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev – Bob’s Guru.

Never religious, and never one to bow down, Holy entered skeptically into the Isha Practice track in April 2013. She decided to volunteer full time at the Yoga Center in Tennessee after completing Inner Engineering – the introducory program. After 3 weeks at the center, whatever she was undergoing was so intense and profound, Holy knew she had to make a commitment to be there indefinitely. Having saved money with plans to move to Thailand and start a blog on Spirituality- combined with an exchange of full-time volunteer-work – Holy was able to go through 3 major programs in the center as well as a weekend Kriya course offered elsewhere. By the end of June, Holy was offered a job to work as a full-time nanny/tutor to an 8-year-old girl while her mother underwent the 6-month intenstive Hata Teacher Training Program in the India Ashram in Tamil Nadu.

After some rest and recooperation from the brutal schedule of ashram life, Holy left for India in September 2013. She worked full-time, continued all her practices, and was able to complete 2 more basic programs – qualifying her now for the most advanced program offered by Sadhguru. Her job ended mid-december, and she prepared for the program which would be held in late February – a program which required 60 days of double-practices, extra kriyas, longer meditations, and a strict diet and lifestyle of no books, casual conversation, screen-time, or pop-culture. Total inward focus. She continued to volunteer in the ashram during that time, spending hours in the kitchen, and the Devi Temple’s backroom. Once the program ended, Holy journeyed throughout India and Nepal, visiting other ashrams and experiencing other gurus, as well as simply enjoying what new awareness she had culitvated. She left India in August, 2014 – and was invited to live on the nature reserve with her previous Shamanic teacher and his partner in October. After integrating her awarness back into reality, with his support and techniques, and feeling it was time for a big shift, Holy joined her karmic sisters and brothers in Costa Rica in February 2015.

Holy was picked up by a gypsy who helped her physically recover from serious parasites after traveling to Corcovado a month and a half after her arrival. Realizing they had a deep karmic connection, she lived with this woman and her daughter, who helped her let go of so many practices and discplines she had picekd up and cultivated over the years in order to connect with her OWN guidance, and learn from Nature as well. This woman helped Holy shed some serious serious skin, and taught her amazing techniques for realization that continue to unfold to this very day.

In July of 2015, Holy realized Costa Rica offered her so many opportunities for work and transformation, and began exploring neighborhoods that felt like home. From the mountains, valleys, and coast of the Pacific side, to the highest mountains in San Jose, it wasn’t until a quick visit to Puerto Viejo that she finally felt called. Holy has been grounded here since January, and currently studies under a local well-known shamanic healer. She Moon Dances in Puriscal, and learns the songs of Native tribes in song circles with local women deeply conncted with indigenous cultures here and in North America, She also participates in medicine ceremonies of other sorts, and hold ceremonies regularly in the region. Her knowledge, interests, and foundation invoke yoga, qigong, shamanism, conscious movement, herbs, music/sound, breath-work, mantras and toning, meditation, visioning, and free-experssion. By Now, Holy gratefully bows down in surrender to the voice of Earth, the Mother who knows it All.

Namaste Ometeotl Matuke Oyasin