Himalayas, Northern India

Perceiving the world through eyes and emotions, Holy was blessed to receive her first true mentor – a Nikon film camera – in 2002 as a birthday gift. Initially, her eye was drawn to the magnificent qualities of landscape, light, and architecture. Always preferring to learn through play, Holy created exercises for herself to better understand and explore her environment. Learning to photograph with a film camera helped her narrowly focus on a single shot, a skill that may not have developed had she started with a digital camera.

Holy took refuge in her camera, which created illusory walls of protection for her childlike heart, allowing her to wander aimlessly and get lost in the fascinating surroundings of life without any need for explanation. In need of an arduous adventure, she often created journeys for herself – investigations of the environment which suddenly became art. As she gradually became exposed to a diversity of environments, the strikingly harsh reality of beauty and pain became a double-edged passion with her work. A shift began from her groundless, imaginative, child-like wonder to a pensive intrigue, empathy and inscrutable curiosity for the extremely diverse variation of life she came to know.

Holy continued her experimental journey through the lens until the winter of 2005 her first year as a University student. Interested in applying her photographic skills more pragmatically, she joined Boston University’s independent school newspaper The Daily Free Press  as a stringer. A sudden shift from aimless, whimsical ways of capturing artful scenery to the direct and unequivocal mindset of photojournalism was initially jarring. However, after overcoming the fear of such an approach, she responded with equal intensity to people’s dynamic expressions and assertions in the field. As a shy and introverted artist, the need to mindfully engage with her subjects for caption information entirely helped her transcend a fear of approaching strangers, and transformed her photographic journey into a much more realistic engagement with life.

A natural progression between the sweet, sensitive interplay with nature and light laid the groundwork for spectrum of stories she journaled through the lens, inspiring the style of photography she most prominently embodies through works presented here. Holy only hopes to offer insight to the sensitive intertwinement between bliss and maleficence, reminding us of the incredible depth of both dark and light, and the balance we work to attain in the world.

Let us not close our eyes or our hearts, but seek the darkness to find the light, and share the light to renew.